Aizen touche le coeur d'Ichigo

Aizen touches Ichigo’s heart

Bleach Episode 292 Dub (Aizen touches Ichigo’s heart)


Aizen : I haven’t been using my kyokasuigetsu’s power in our fight so far. What you’ve seen is just my basic strength.

Ichigo : What??!

Aizen : Why are you pulling away? If you intend to attack me, you have to come closer. Or maybe… You’re afraid to come any closer to put you into disadvantage and make you vulnerable. If that’s the case, you need a reality check. Keeping a distance between yourself and your opponent is only meaning for, when you’re fighting some equal and strength and skills. It’s pointless to do that with me.

You see, I can reach out and touch your heart without even breathing a sweat.

Let me just ask you something Ryoka boy.

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